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Kira Dawn
A Writer...memoirs of the journey that has led me to the Gorgeous Mess of Chaos that I am. One with God. I am merely a vessel. I will always be me.

Has Disappeared Into The Vastness

Rose drying up and dying.
Rose drying up and dying.
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Vast, Vast, Vast,

Why was I born only to die so very fast

I drown beneath the water

I am merely a potter

In that silence between life and death

Where I swear that I just took a breath

Everything shall now be fine

What is all the fuss about

It’s only a quarter past nine

Then I realize I am drowning

Oh so effervescently beautiful is the sound of my heart pounding

The most at peace I have ever felt

In the in between I witness all that to others is unseen

The yelling, the frightened

My God and…

Ding! Ding! We Have A Winner!

Photo From Kira Dawn

Era of hallucination

Shit I’m on chronic medication.

None of the above

Unhealthy doses of masturbation

Come fuck with me Satan

What happened to freedom of speech

I heard Medium was starting to impeach

Ugh oh the bitch is back

Put me on a leash

Don’t say I didn’t warn you

Straight shot jugular

I’m the twin

Astrology’s sin

Make sure I have a next of kin

When I spew out venomous rhymes

I’m just a victim of the times

That way I can stay in my hallucination

Give me another hit

It’s time…

I Will Be The Most Seductive Mess Down The Hall

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You fucking haters

I run through the maze

I’m out of money sadly

Don’t judge me…new phase

I had glided through the ball

Blood Red lipstick smeared on this doll

Fishnets tucked into Chuck Taylor’s

It’s only proper for a woman on call

Shut Up. You have pledged your case.

Mascara relentlessly runs down my face

Don’t fit in, yet somehow I take my place

I look like a young Courtney Love

Where is Kurt? Oh yeah, risen above. Too many pills swallowed.

I tried so hard to love you, but you unfollowed

“I want to be the girl with…

Picture Perfect. Bitch Pose.

The picture was taken from Kira Dawn own collection.

Why don’t you bow down? I’m just plastic, so how did I get this crown?

Promise me you’ll position me

I need to be perfect or

They won’t like me

I tried so hard to use flattery

It only results in assault and battery

Two sides to the story

Then comes the truth

Insert money please

I’m your Photo Booth

Fuck you

Your my plastic

Mold you

You look fantastic

Made me your barbie

Oops there goes the keys to the Ferrari

I play dumb like you can’t believe

You know the theme

The Gorgeous Mess has the ace up her sleeve

I’m your worst nightmare…

Boring. The Mess Soaring.

**Kira Dawn a.k.a. The Gorgeous Mess**


Didn’t expect to see this long blonde with a twist of anarchy?

Secretly you agree with me.

We can all talk about peace.

Let’s talk about the danger of no release.

“Oh Kira you are way too outspoken.”

Don’t be a hypocrite.

Both you and I are broken.

You tell me to look the other way.

You are the one who needs to pray.

“Why?” You ask.

Let me tell you.

This is of biblical proportions. It’s true.

You say I hide behind a keyboard.

Shit where else am I going to be…

Music Dies. Chaos Hides. God’s Eyes.

My, Kira Dawn, new card

I decided to hit rewind

Maybe try to treat others kind

Open Pandora’s Box

What would I find?

This is not the writing I had in mind

I want to dance eloquently

When I write can you hear the fever in me

A whisper from he to she

She to he

I need my music desperately

Without it I frown unapologetically

Just another perfect day

Fuck ton of obstacles misguiding the way

I tried remembering I have the music in me

Then quickly found myself crying

As we all are wind up toys we wound up dying

Phantom of the…

Fuck you… Me No Like You Too.

Kira Dawn Selfie

No. Fuck you.
You can’t tell me who I need to be.
Why because I’m White Well Fuck Me.
Last I checked we all bled red.
Oh Fuck I’m going there.

Probably my obituary.
Difference is your skin tone?
Shit, my funny bone.

So for those of you that know me.
Why are kids learning differently?
Both races acting foolishly.
If you get erased then so do we.

Do you want to make the white man look better?
God Damnit, Kira. Fuck it. Be honest.
What matters most is emotion at a given time.
Is slavery not important when your soul…

I’m your Phantom🖤Let Me In🖤.

photo by author

Don’t lie about who you are.
“Fuck me?” You have the nerve to yell your vulgarities?
“Yeah, Cocksucker!” I have fucked ten of you by the thirties.

I would be scared too, if I were you, as I am obnoxiously sexy.
Fuck those girls who say I am too pretty.
If you have a mouth and a few preferential holes below.
Your temperature is just right for him.

Eat or be Eaten.
Kill or be Killed.

I will let you lick the first lick of the tootsie pop roll. …

Is it Just Me?

Photo created by Kira Dawn HP Intel

Not sure if this was the pic I would have chosen for myself either. Fuck this most boring game ever. Daddy, please don’t hate me, okay I think I heard the Babe Ruth’s Home Run baseball pitched at our car window rather vehemently.

Kira, what is wrong with you? You really are the Gorgeous Mess? Dude, relax just because I have a gun to my head doesn’t mean I will explode. Dude, you some kind of queer homophobe? I also heard they call you “Goldilocks?” Does that mean you like to ‘suuuuuuuuck’, Kira, you want me to unlock the childproof…

Kira Dawn

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